Brickscapes - Mailboxes

Part Number: 04204-5030
MSRP: Starting at $2,200

Be among the first to experience the nature of luxury with Belden Brick’s new outdoor living products. Learn how you can create exceptional spaces for entertaining, with minimal foundational requirements and quick and easy installation. Choose from many Belden Brick style options or mate your Brickscapes with your Belden Pavers and house brick.

Brick Options

Alamo Blend
Manchester Blend
St. Anne Blend
Rosewood Clear
Winewood Blend

Or choose from 500 different brick colors at

Mortar Options

Natural Grey
River Rock
Quarry Red
Chestnut Brown

Surface Options

Concrete / Stone

Mailbox Options

Antique Copper
Part Number: 04204-MB-0041
MSRP: +$349

Part Number: 04204-MB-0042
MSRP: +$349

Part Number: 04204-MB-0043
MSRP: +$349

Scroll Antique Copper
Part Number: 04204-MB-0051
MSRP: +$390

Scroll Black
Part Number: 04204-MB-0052
MSRP: +$390

Scroll Bronze
Part Number: 04204-MB-0053
MSRP: +$390

Fleur De Lis Antique Copper
Part Number: 04204-MB-0061
MSRP: +$390

Fleur De Lis Black
Part Number: 04204-MB-0062
MSRP: +$390

Fleur De Lis Bronze
Part Number: 04204-MB-0063
MSRP: +$390

Manchester Cross Antique Copper
Part Number: 04204-MB-0071
MSRP: +$390

Manchester Cross Black
Part Number: 04204-MB-0072
MSRP: +$390

Manchester Cross Bronze
Part Number: 04204-MB-0073
MSRP: +$390

Address Plate Options

Antique Copper Address Plate
Part Number: 04204-MB-0111
MSRP: +$122

Black Address Plate
Part Number: 04204-MB-0112
MSRP: +$122

Bronze Address Plate
Part Number: 04204-MB-0113
MSRP: +$122

Newspaper Holder Options

Antique Copper Newspaper Holder
Part Number: 04204-MB-0121
MSRP: +$210

Black Newspaper Holder
Part Number: 04204-MB-0122
MSRP: +$210

Bronze Newspaper Holder
Part Number: 04204-MB-0123
MSRP: +$210

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